Dec 14, 2017

Dear friends,

Last Sunday, in addition to morning worship, we celebrated Advent with an evening Contemplative Communion Service.  It was a beautiful service of light and prayers and peace.  Those attending had the opportunity to step away from the chaos and busy-ness of our day to sit in a darkening sanctuary in silence.  It was a meaningful time.  In reflecting on that service, one of my favorite Advent poems came to mind….

 Ready for Silence by Madeleine L’Engle

 Then hear now the silence

He comes in the silence

in silence he enters

the womb of the bearer

in silence he goes to

the realm of the shadows

redeeming and shriving

in silence he moves from

the grave cloths, the dark tomb

in silence he rises

ascends to the glory

leaving his promise

leaving his comfort

leaving his silence

So come now, Lord Jesus

Come in your silence

breaking our noising

laughter of panic

breaking this earth’s time

breaking us breaking us

quickly Lord Jesus

make no long tarrying

When will you come

and how will you come

and will we be ready

for silence

your silence

As we continue to watch and wait this season, may we find holy moments of silence and in those, may we find Christ’s Peace.

 For more information about events at PCLT, please pick up our Advent & Christmas Brochure.

 Sunday, December 17th ~   9:30 Sunday school:  In the Bleak Midwinter

                                                11:00 Third Sunday of Advent Worship with Communion

                                                Christmas Joy Offering

 Sunday, December 24th ~      One Service Only