Oct 30, 2017

Dear PCLT family,

Well, believe it or not, November is right around the corner. November is the perfect month to think about Gratitude! Gratitude is a powerful Spiritual Practice. Research shows that the spiritual, physical, and psychological benefits of cultivating an attitude of gratitude are very real. Gratitude helps us move towards behavior that is motivated out of concern for the other, for our fellow human beings. We pause, recognize, and remember all that we have been given through God’s grace and love. We see our lives through eyes of abundance instead of scarcity. And then we are able to share the love and grace we have received with others. We love because God first loves us.

Please join me in developing a practice of gratitude this November. Here are some simple ideas:
Every morning or evening write down one thing for which you are grateful.
Spend five (or ten or twenty) minutes each day writing in a gratitude journal.
Each day take a photo with your phone or camera of something for which you are thankful.
And then feel free to share these thoughts and ideas with your friends or family, on Facebook or some other social media, in your Bible studies, or in our prayers on Sunday mornings.

Let us listen for the Holy Spirit as we cultivate gratitude together.

With thanksgiving for each and every one of you,