Jul 26, 2017

Dear friends,

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to take the time to visit Mark’s parents in Oklahoma.  It was a good and challenging trip. While his health is in decline, Mark’s dad seems content in his new facility.  We were able to visit him there several times. And we enjoyed being with the family – sharing meals, laughing (and crying) over old stories.  It has been several years since Mark and I have been able to travel home together.  The time was invaluable.  Thank you!

And the Walters are flying off again next week.  This time we will be traveling to Maine for a little R&R and a few colleges visits with Jane. I will be out of the office from August 3rd through August 13th.  The Reverend Judy Skaggs will be filling the pulpit both Sundays.  You may recall that Judy has preached at PCLT a few times over the last year.  She is the Parish Associate at Westminster Presbyterian Church and is looking forward to worshipping and sharing the Word with you all again.

Believe it or not, around the time I return, summer will be coming to a close (although I imagine the hottest days will linger for a little while longer). All summer at PCLT, we have celebrated the Holy Spirit with our Pentecost banners and paraments.  On Sunday, August 20th, we will move into Ordinary time.  Ordinary time is when we focus on the Lord’s Day. Week after week, Sunday “ordinarily” celebrates the resurrection and the unfolding of new creation, God’s new thing (represented by the liturgical color green).

Friends, God is always, always doing a new thing – at PCLT, in our city, in our state, in our nation, and in our world.  Thanks be to God.

In Christ’s love,