Jun 1, 2017

Dear friends,

It’s good to be back!  I spent last week in beautiful San Antonio at the Festival of Homiletics – or as my teenager likes to call it… ACL for preachers.  The theme of this year’s festival was “Preaching on the Borders.” Over 1800 pastors from different denominations around the country gathered to hear outstanding preachers and professors of homiletics inspire discourse about preaching, worship, and culture. We heard from many different voices – womanist preachers, African preachers, and some classical theologians like Walter Brueggemann and Barbara Brown Taylor. It was all about preaching – 24/7.

Our days and nights were full of listening to, thinking about, and discussing (sometimes over tacos and margaritas) the ins and outs of proclaiming the gospel; sharing an inspiring and prophetic Word for the church in today’s culture.  I can’t imagine what any eavesdroppers must of thought of this weird invasion of people. It was preacher geekiness in its finest form!

For us pastors, though, the experience was refreshing and energizing as we listened to diverse voices share the Word of God.  I can’t thank you enough for affording me this opportunity.

And I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

P.S.  I will be taking a break from writing this pastor’s note during the summer months, but it will be back in the Fall.