May 17, 2017

Dear friends,

Please enjoy this Easter poem from Walter Brueggemann while I am away on study leave:

You who stalk the earth with new life…
Christ is Risen…He is risen indeed!
You Easter one
you who stalk the earth with new life,
you who soar the heavens with fresh governance,
you who traipse the seas with odd authority,
You life-giver,
You a strange anomaly among us,
for everywhere are signs of death:
…Benjamin taken in his youth,
our tax dollars at work in Serbia,
endless diagnoses among our friends,
people made redundant in all our euphemisms
of “down-sizing”
too much money and too little health care,
your church here and there nearly consumed with anxiety
for itself.
And yet you appear here and there,
now and then:
You say “Fear not,” and we are comforted,
You say “Peace I give you” and we are less restless,
You say “Go and sin no more,”
and we glimpse a new innocence,
you say and we listen,
you act and we are healed,
you…and us,
you and life,
you and newness,
you for us,
you with us,
you…and we are dazzled in our gratitude.  Amen.

With love,