Apr 26, 2017

Dear Friends,

 As my time here draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my experience as your Pastoral Intern.

 As members of this congregation, each of you has contributed to my growth both personally and vocationally. I came in anxious and lacking confidence, but your loving patience and support has helped me to live more fully into my calling. I truly appreciate the suggestions and encouragement you have shared with me along the way. All of it has watered my strengths and tugged at my growing edges. All of it has made me a better church leader. 

What has struck me most, however, is you. I didn’t know what to expect coming to a small church on the outskirts of town. What I found is a vibrant, engaged, and active group living fully into their Christian calling. Your deep engagement on difficult personal and communal topics in Christian Education, your active involvement in the larger community, and your strong interest in serving the congregation in committees and each week in the building has made no small impression on me. You show up for each other, for the church, and for the world. This is what Christ has called you to do, and you are doing it beautifully. I have all faith that you will continue to do so.

Although I cannot be sure of where God is calling me in the future, I will carry all the experiences I have had with me into my ministry, whatever it may be. You stay where you are in grace and peace, and I will go with the same.

 Pam Jarvis