Dec 14, 2016

Dearest Saints,

This week is my favorite week in Advent; it’s the week of JOY.  This past Sunday we lit the pink candle to remind us that something different approaches.  Even though things are not as they should be – the horrific killings and unrest for the citizens of Aleppo, unrest and division and fear in our own country, the illness and heartbreak in our community – we tenaciously, resistantly, and maybe even a little subversively, cling to the joy of the possibility of the new thing that approaches. May we anticipate, search for, and participate in the joy of the coming of Christmas every moment this week. For a light does and will shine in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

One of PCLT’s joy-filled moments this Advent season was participating in our monthly worship service at the Silverado memory center.  Pamela put into words our experience.  I’ve included them below. May they be both a blessing and call to Joy to you this day.

With you in Christ’s Joy,

Worship at Silverado by Pamela Mitchell
Looking for a opportunity to serve but not sure where to start?  Join us on the second Thursday of each month when several of us take worship to the residents at the Silverado Memory Care Community.  Silverado is our neighbor just up the street from PCLT.  Once a month about 10 members from PCLT take everything needed to have a complete worship service including a baptism font and the communion elements.  The residents are so eager to see us and to participate in the singing and prayers.  But as in every giving situation, we receive more than we give.   The residents respond with such love to anything we do.  Reverend Walters guides all of us in the prepared service, and we rotate presenting The Word, the scriptures, or the prayers.  But there are still those moving moments when you feel and see the Holy Spirit moving through us all.  We leave sharing those special moments among ourselves.  If you are interested in joining our “merry band,” contact Reverend Walters to get involved.