Oct 27, 2016

Dear Saints,

What is the first thing you think about when I say the word Stewardship? Do you think of your annual pledge to the church?  Do you think about your time and talent forms? Do you think about the church’s budget? Do you think – “Oh gosh, it’s that time again; the pastor’s asking us for money.”

The truth is that stewardship addresses all of the above, AND it is so, so much more.  Stewardship is a beautiful word signifying our response to God’s love.  All that we have and all that we have been given is a gift from God.

Stewardship is more than money. We use our time and talents to serve God every moment of every day.  Recently, at our Congregational Retreat, we spent time dreaming, visioning, and discerning the new things God is doing with and for PCLT right now.  We talked about who we are and what excites us as a congregation.  And we heard over and over again that we are part of something very special here.  We have been trusted with something very special.  As good stewards, we are called to take care of that which we have been entrusted – God’s church and God’s mission.

Stewardship is not less than money.  Finances matter.  Jesus talks about money, wealth, and possessions A LOT; maybe more than any other subject.  He talks about money with purpose and intention.  We have to be purposeful in the way we talk about and spend our money too.  The aim of our financial gifts is NOT to meet the church’s budget.  Our financial gifts contribute to God’s mission in our community and in the world beyond our walls.

Stewardship addresses our need to give. What we pledge is a spiritual commitment, a response to the gospel.  When we give with a posture of gratitude and generosity, we are changed. We are transformed.

What is stewardship? Join us the next three Sundays as we hear more from members in our congregation.  And then on Sunday, November 13th we will dedicate our Estimate of Giving cards and Time and Talent Commitment forms to God.  Let us joyfully celebrate all God is doing in our midst!

With love and dedication,