Oct 5, 2016

Dearest Saints,


I am excited for our Congregational Retreat THIS Saturday, 9:30 am to 2 pm as we continue to explore together God’s continuing call to PCLT.  This will be a day set aside for us to dream and discern and pray and worship as we join in God’s new calling for this community of faith.  We will talk about what it means to BE a missional church.  We will talk about PCLT’s gifts and passions.  We will talk about the needs around us and how God is calling PCLT to meet these needs at this time and place.  We will share some wonderful fellowship and, of course, good food – there’s always good food.  Most importantly, I hope that we will have a lot of FUN together!


So come!  Join us for this special day.  You are welcome even if you didn’t have the chance to sign up.  As always, there will be enough.  Come!


With you in God’s embrace,