Aug 31, 2016

Dearest Saints,

I hope you all are well this week. I’m excited to tell you about a new project. Recently, I joined with a few colleagues to create a new organization – Women’s Association of Religious Professionals of Texas.*  We are an interfaith group made up of clergy of many faiths to address the needs of Texas’ women and children.  Historically, progress in Texas on issues of education, healthcare, child welfare, and domestic violence have come about due to the voices of Texas women.

As clergy women celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Women’s Ordination and the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, we recognize the importance of voter turnout.  Yet, voter participation in Texas (especially for women) is at an all time low.  We feel a call as women of faith to recommit to our historic role in advocating for woman and children at this critical time in our state.

Last week on behalf of WARP, I testified at a public bi-partisan hearing concerning domestic violence. Did you know that clergy are the third group battered people reach out to when seeking shelter? We were well-received by the committee and even talked a little theology.  We look forward to working with the legislature on new policies around education and prevention of domestic violence.  I’ll continue to update you on our work.  Stay tuned!

Blessing upon blessing,