Status and information about our new home

Anchoring God’s Ministry

The Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis has worshipped in various rented spaces since beginning as a New Church Development. Last year we purchased property on Hamilton Pool Road in the City of Bee Cave and anticipate that we will soon break ground to build our permanent home. We are excited about new opportunities for sharing God’s love and serving the Lake Travis community when we move into our new building. Please join with us in God’s ministry.

Please find below a computer rendering of the new building, along with a floor plan and links to photos.

Progress Update

Finally, after six and one-half months since our conceptual plan was approved, we have a site development permit and we are on the site working. The bulldozer is there and its operator knows what is to be done to prepare the land for the new and FIRST PERMANENT home of the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis. Clearly we are all excited and with good reason. Despite the length of the permit journey, we have made incredible strides in just over a year since we found the land and decided this was to be our new home site. God has been with us and has shown us the way—the way to bring the congregation together and work toward a common goal, the way to raise the money we need, the way to celebrate Christ and to offer the neighborhood the way to celebrate with us.

Though we will not be in the new building as early in the year as we would have liked, we might be in by Christmas—our new target date. As is the case with many projects, the entirety of the project will cost more than we had hoped, but again the Lord has been watching over us. The donations have also exceeded our early expectations and we have not needed to begin drawing down our PILP construction loan.

As you watch our progress, you will see that over the months of July and August the land will begin to take the appearance of a usable site. The parking lot areas will be cleared, the fire hydrants will be installed, the septic system will be installed, the water quality pond will take form and the building pad (the area where the building itself will sit) will become obvious.

Despite the fact that we are doing well with donations, we will need more money in order to finish out the entire interior of the building. It will be more financially prudent to do all the work at once rather than having to raise the money later and then come back and finish it. To this end, we are asking for donations toward particular parts of the building—for example, individual classrooms, the building’s front doors, the stone wall over the dais, carpet for the sanctuary, the donation wall and even the major front entry sign. For additional information about donation opportunities, please contact our pastors (contact information on the Home page).

Below are the "pictures" and floor plan for our new home.

Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis Front
Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis Back
Interior Layout

Recent Photos taken on June 25, 2012

Starting the process

Starting the process

Starting the process

Starting the process

Starting the process

Check these links for other images of the progress being made on our new home.

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